Can You Help A Family With No Place To Stay?

Another urgent e-mail from the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless. Same issue as the e-mail that triggered my last posting on the District’s homeless family crisis.

This time, a father with a two year old and a four year old who’d been evicted and were facing the prospects of a weekend outdoors, with a temperature forecast of 110.

One of three families the Clinic was trying to place that night because all the shelters were full and the District still hasn’t come up with a plan for emergency relief. As of July 18, the Family Resource Center had 543 families on the waiting list for shelter.

But I’ll let the Clinic tell the story because it’s got a brand new blog that fills in the background and tells us how we can help.

Anyone in the District who works with homeless people and/or follows the issues that affect them knows that the Legal Clinic has been out in front as an advocate for a very long time — nearly 25 years, says the welcome to the blog.

Now we have a new, ongoing way to get to know them, their clients and evolving developments in the District’s faltering efforts to serve our homeless and at-risk neighbors. And a new way to join them in the struggle to make “housing and justice for all” a reality in D.C.

A welcome and needed addition to the blogosphere.

One Response to Can You Help A Family With No Place To Stay?

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