Quick Ways To Help Get The Missing Pieces Of The Jobs/Tax Bill Restored

I’ve written elsewhere about the frustration of having no voting representation in Congress. Part of it is writing about pending federal legislation without being able to suggest that my fellow District residents weigh in.

So here’s a brief piece for those of you lucky enough to have Senators–and those of you who live in the District and can pass the word along to fully-enfranchised friends, family and other contacts.

As I recently wrote, the jobs/tax cut extender bill the House passed last Friday was stripped of two important provisions–an extension of COBRA health insurance subsidies and an extension of the enhanced federal match for state Medicaid programs (FMAP).

I’ve created an editable form letter on Change.org that urges Senators to restore these two provisions and also to pass an extension of expanded unemployment insurance benefits ASAP. It’s a quick and easy way to voice your support. And support for the endangered provisions is sorely needed.

For the FMAP extension, AFSCME has established a toll-free hotline–888-340-6521. You could use it to support the COBRA subsidies extension as well.

When you punch in your zip code, you’ll be automatically routed to one of your Senators’ offices. So you’ll need to make two calls. Most critical calls are to Senators who’ve been voicing concerns about deficit spending.

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